The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam
  • Allah is with us

    Welcome to the Official Website of the
    'Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement for the Propagation of Islam'
    (Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha'at-e-Islam Lahore)

    The aim of this website is to archive the literary treasures of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement. Over the past hundred years the Movement has spread the word of Islam through peaceful means — the pen.

    The main object of this Movement is to present the true, original message of Islam to the whole world — Islam as it is found in the Holy Quran and the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), obscured today by grave misconceptions and wrong popular notions.

    Islam seeks to attract the hearts and minds of people towards the truth, by means of reasoning, good moral example, and the natural beauty of its principles. It neither aspires to gain political power, nor allows the use of force in support of the fait.

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