The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam
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Maulana Muhammad Ali مولانا محمد علی

Leadership: 03/May/1914 – 13/Oct/1951

Lifetime: Dec/1874 – 13/Oct/1951

The famous author of several world-renowned works on Islam, has acknowledged in the prefaces to many of his books that the man who drew him into the field of re ...
Religion of Islamدین اسلام
Comprehensive and monumental work on the sources, principles and practices of Islam. " an extremely useful work, almost indispensable to the students of Islam." -- Dr Sir Muhammad Iqbal, renowned poet and philosopher. "Such a book is greatly needed when in many Muslim countries we see persons eager for the revival of Islam, making mistakes through lack of just this knowledge." -- Marmaduke Pickthall.
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